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Privilege Daily Points

Members can redeem amazing privileges by earning designated points daily

GEG Privilege Club members can redeem an array of amazing privileges by accumulating designated points daily at Casino StarWorld, Casino Galaxy Macau and Casino Broadway.

Required Points


5 points

HZM Bridge Bus Ticket

10 Points

 Bus Ticket Redemption Voucher

15 Points

Ferry Ticket or Rewards
$150 Lucky Six Bet Voucher
$100 Non-negotiable Promotional Chips
Yeng Kee Gift Set

20 Points

HZM bridge Limo ticket
$100 Food & Beverage Voucher

30 Points#

YRF Short Stay (4-hour Usage)

75 Points

Foot Hub Treatment
YRF Body massage

180 Points
Double Rewards for High Limit Area

$250 Retail Complimentary Slip
Yau Kei  Dragon Beard Candy Gift Set
Designated Merchandise

Bonus Rebate Rewards

10 Points

High-Speed Train Rebate
$100 Non-negotiable Promotional Chips/Ebonus

15 Points

High-Speed Train Rebate
$200 Non-negotiable Promotional Chips/Ebonus

Items redemption and its limit are different with tiers, please contact GEG Privilege Club for details.

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