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GEG Privilege Club (GPC) card Terms of Use

Latest Update: April 20, 2020

  1. GEG Privilege Club (GPC) card (the “Membership Card”) is issued by Galaxy Hotel Management Company Limited (“Galaxy”) to the applicant.
  2. Applicants of the GPC membership must be 21 years of age or older and shall provide originals of their valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Cards or travel documents upon submission of application form. A photo will be taken upon registration for future verification.
  3. Employees of Galaxy Entertainment Group shall not apply for GEG Privilege Club membership or enjoy the privileges and benefits of the GPC.
  4. The Membership Card, Points, Dollars and benefits shall only be used by the GPC member (the “Member”). Any Points or Dollars accumulated by a person other than the Member to whom the Membership Card belongs shall be deemed to be NULL and VOID. Without prejudice, Galaxy may, under its sole discretion and upon the transferor Member’s request, authorize the transfer of Dollars between Members’ accounts subject to specific requirements, as determined, from time to time, solely by Galaxy.
  5. Points, Dollars and benefits are not redeemable for cash and cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional benefits.
  6. The enjoyment and use of the GPC membership, the Membership Card and the associated benefits shall be deemed to be an acceptance of these GPC membership Terms and Conditions.
  7. Galaxy shall not be responsible for any lost or stolen cards. Replacement of lost or stolen cards will only be issued upon the Member’s originals of his/her valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Card or travel document. Galaxy reserves the right to impose a fee for replacement of any Membership Card.
  8. The charges for the replacement of Membership Card are as follows:
    1. For Gold Card Members, it is free for the first time to replace a new card in every year;
    2. For Platinum Card and Black Card Members, it is free for the first three (3) times to replace in every year;
    3. For Diamond Members, it is free with no limitation on replacement;
    4. If beyond above free limitation, Members need to pay HKD25 or deduct $25 Dollars in his/her own account as the fee for replacement every time.
    5. The mentioned "every year" is the calendar year starts from 1st January.
  9. All Points and Dollars accumulated will be credited to the Member’s account within forty-eight (48) hours. All Dollars redeemed will be immediately deducted from the Member’s account. All unclaimed Points or Dollars requests must be made within thirty (30) days from the transaction date subject to the discretion of Galaxy approval. Successful Points or Dollars reinstatement will be credited to the Member’s account within fourteen (14) days from the date of approval.
  10. Galaxy shall not be liable for any mistake in accumulation or calculation of Points, Dollars or the redemption for rewards, whether such mistake results from technical malfunction, operator’s fault, misrepresentation or any factor beyond the reasonable control of Galaxy or otherwise.
  11. Galaxy has the sole and absolute discretion in making final decisions on granting the GPC membership to any applicant, on granting any reward or benefit that a Member may be entitled to or on any dispute relating to the GPC membership and the Membership Card.
  12. Galaxy reserves the right to cancel or change the Terms and Conditions for enjoying the GPC Membership, using the Membership Card, Points and Dollars programs at any time without prior notice but will allow Members a reasonable period to redeem any existing benefits, Points and Dollars.
  13. Galaxy reserves the right to terminate any Member’s GPC membership without prior notice. Galaxy shall terminate a Member’s GPC membership, including but not limited to, if the Member violates the Terms and Conditions for enjoying the GPC membership; the Member provides untrue or inaccurate information to Galaxy or uses improper ways in order to obtain rewards or benefits; the Member behaves inappropriately in the premises of Galaxy or its affiliates. Upon termination of the GPC membership, all Points, Dollars and benefits of that Member shall be deemed NULL and VOID. Any reward programs, benefits or promotions shall, in relation to that Member, be considered expired and ineffective.
  14. If no gaming or retail spending activity in premises of Galaxy (or its affiliates) is recorded for a 6-month consecutive period, any Dollar accumulated in a Member’s account shall be cancelled.
  15. Galaxy shall be entitled to require Members to produce originals of their valid Hong Kong or Macau identity cards or travel documents upon participating in any activity in their capacity as Members for verification purpose and updating of their personal data. Those activities shall include but shall not be limited to Dollars redemption and all promotional activities.
  16. The Membership Card is the property of Galaxy and must be returned unconditionally and immediately by Members upon Galaxy’s request.
  17. Members shall agree to abide by all Terms and Conditions set by Galaxy upon participating in any promotional activity and shall accept as final and binding all decisions of Galaxy on relating matters and disputes.
  18. Personal Data Please refer to our Privacy Policy at this
  19. Galaxy may request Members to select a Personal Identification Number (“PIN”) in a format it designates. Members’ PIN are for their own use only. Members should not disclose their PIN to another person or other Members under any circumstances. Originals of valid Hong Kong or Macau Identity Cards or travel documents will be required for PIN registration. Members may be required to provide their PIN upon participating in any promotional activity or Dollars redemption for verification. Galaxy may from time to time require Members to reselect their PIN for security reasons.
  20. The discounts in the form of Dollars and/or discounts, benefits, entitlements, privileges, promotions may be awarded to Members when the card is presented at the time of purchasing selected products/services offered by the participating Merchants by cash or credit card. The Members may be permitted to enjoy the Dollars Earning/Redemption and/or the Benefits as determined from time to time by Galaxy and the participating Merchants.
  21. These Terms of Use shall be governed by the laws of the Macau Special Administrative Region ("Macau"), and you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Macau courts in connection with any disputes arising out of these Terms of Use.
  22. Should there be any discrepancy in Chinese and English versions, the English version shall prevail.